Ways to Tribute


Spoil and Pamper Me
Looking for a way to get My attention? Want to know the best ways to spoil Me?  
Below are My preferred methods of tribute

Contribute to My Lifestyle 

Of course, My favorite method to do this is cash.  

The easiest way to do this is to click the "Tribute" button on the top of My site navigation.





Adopt a Bill

Good boys may also choose to adopt a bill for Me in My store 

Adopting a bill makes you a useful boy for Me.  It is a one-time payment for that bill. 

If you wish to adopt that bill more than once, I encourage you to come back and keep paying it for Me.

It contributes directly to My wellbeing and frees up even more of My money for play and enjoyment. 

That IS what good boys do for Me, isn't it?

All bills to be adopted are listed in the Lifestyle Contribution tab of My store.






Surprise Me with gifts. 

Sending Me the things I put on My list is a guaranteed way to get Me something that you know I will like. 

I update this list regularly so this is always a current list of things I want.

Even small gifts from My list bring a smile to My face.


To make it even easier to spoil Me,

I've added a wishlist link to the top navigation bar

so you can browse My wishlist from here on My site.





Spoil Me with giftcards for some of My favorite things

Send giftcards to MishaMystique@gmail.com.  (Remember to select the e-gift card option!)

Some of My favorite things include: