NEW customs tracking!

2019-06-14 18:24:13


If you've followed me for any length of time, you probably know by now that I do a LOT of customs & I love them.

I have a pretty organized system behind the scenes for keeping track of my film queue, scripts, filming, and editing workflow. 


BUT it recently dawned on me:

You guys don't really get to see that.  It's likely a mystery what happens behind the scenes after your order is placed.  If you're one of my regular customs guys (shout out to you: you're awesome!) then you already know you're going to be getting a 1080p clip returned to you within 2 weeks but you might still be curious about where it is in the process along the wayIf you've never ordered a custom from me before, maybe it makes you a bit nervous not knowing what's happening behind the scenes. I found a way to help with this!


(I promise this is related)

I do a lot of online shopping.  Like, a LOT.  I've realized that my all time favorite online stores are the ones that give you updates about your product along the way.  You know, the ones that give you start-to-finish product tracking.  I love seeing what stage of production things are in and when they are shipping.  It gives me strange joy. 


Then it hit me

Why haven't I done that?  That would be really cool!  So I'm going to.  I'll give you guys the option to opt in for updates along the way as I work on your content.  I'll be revamping my customs info page here on my site as soon as I find the time to show the steps in the start-to-finish process and give the whole customs FAQ page a general refresh. 

In the meantime, (effective immediately) I will be giving all customs the option to opt-in for progress updates ^_^


Happy Friday!