Wishlist Questions Answered

2017-12-29 18:57:34

As many of you know, I have recently changed My wishlist over to DeliveryCode.  I love them because it makes My life easier, which is what gifting Me should be all about anyways.  Even though I love getting Amazon gift cards, I'm not changing My wishlist back over to Amazon anytime soon. 

Some of you are still squeamish about using non-amazon wishlists.


Here's what some of My boys have done

Send Me an email telling Me which item you really want to buy for Me + a giftcard to that site.  Most of the items are on Amazon, so My boys have just sent Me amazon giftcards for the price of the item + a little extra.  Follow this slave's example:

"Hi Goddess.  I really want to spoil Your pets and buy You the $25 dog bed on Your wishlist.  
I just sent You a giftcard for $30.  I hope You enjoy your gift.  Thank you for letting me serve You"


Then I remove the items from My wishlist, buy Myself the items, and spend the extra $ you sent.  



Want to buy Me things but don't want to use My wishlist service of choice?  Do what he did.